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Condoms a man's responsibility

Condoms, a Man’s Responsibility? Adults should be responsible people. Society expects them to be mature enough to have been raised well to know what’s right and wrong and to accept the consequences of their actions. When it comes to getting into relationships, adults are also expected to act as mature individuals. They should know how to respect the other person’s thoughts and feelings and take the right actions at all times. The same applies in having sex. As adults, they need to be responsible enough to ensure that they engage in safe sex. This means using condoms and other contraceptives to prevent pregnancy and from contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Worldwide, the number of people affected by STDs continue to increase while teen pregnancy is also a major concern. It’s true that the regular condoms that most people know about are those worn by the males. It’s true as well that men need to bring this all the time if they plan to have casual sex when they feel the urge. But then again, women can also share the responsibility of reminding men, whether their regular partner or not, to use it when they want to be more intimate. In fact, it would be admirable for a woman to have her own supply of these male condoms so that just in case her partner forgets to bring or buy one, they still have something to use. Other than the regular male condoms, women can also choose to use the female condom if they want to. They have a choice and for those involved in a serious relationship, they can talk about this with their partners. Discussing this issue will help enlighten the males who may not be fully aware of the female version of this rubber protection and how it’s used. It will also lessen the stress on the part of the men who may be worried getting their pregnant or STDs. On the part of married couples who don’t want additional children or who don’t want to have kids at all, the wives need to be responsible as well for keeping a condom supply in their house. Sometimes your hubby may get home drunk and may want to get intimate with you in the middle of the night. During that time when he’s raring to make love and not in his normal state of mind, the wife should take it upon herself to remind her partner to wear the condom first or be the one to put on the condom if necessary. Teamwork between the spouses or partners is very important to ensure that having sex does not end up in having a baby or getting STDs. Using a condom is not just the sole responsibility of a man. It takes a man and a woman to ensure they have safe sex and as such, a woman should share the responsibility. The United Nations said two-thirds of people worldwide have easy access to condoms. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) also reports that condom use in teens as well as adult men and women aged 15-44 have increased. Hopefully with continued information dissemination campaigns, people will get used to using the rubber correctly and consistently.




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