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Condom Use More Important Now Than Ever

It cannot be denied that the number of people infected by sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) around the world continue to grow. This is not common only among people involved in the sex trade but as well as among the average yet sexually active males and females. Among the adults who are sexually active, the risk of getting STDs and even the dreaded HIV is high when they have different partners.

As this is the case, the role of condoms in the life of teenagers and adults becomes more vital than ever. This is to prevent the spread of infectious diseases as well as unwanted pregnancy. Much of the spread of these sexually transmitted diseases is primarily due to a carefree attitude and not using any protection at all such as the condom.


The good news is that many teens nowadays are using condoms for their personal protection. Studies have shown that among those surveyed, a great number claimed to have used a condom during their first sexual experience.

In other studies, researchers have found that teenagers who openly communicate with their parents notably their mothers used a condom during their first experience in sex. In addition, these teens were more likely to use condoms as they grow to their adulthood. Perhaps one reason for this attitude is because of the fact that these youngsters get reminders from their mothers about having safe sex and using the condom to protect themselves. Unaware to many, the use of condoms dates back to the time of the Egyptians. History has it that in the ancient times, there was already proof of the use of condom although it was not yet made from the rubber material. The rubber was utilized only in manufacturing the product in the 1840s after vulcanized rubber was invented by Hancock and Goodyear. From that time on, the material became commonly used in the manufacture of condoms.

The latex came much later in the 1930’s. This material led to the creation of thinner condoms that allowed users to enjoy more stimulation during sexual intercourse. Because it feels like second skin, the person who uses it and his partner experience heightened sensitivity while at the same time protecting themselves from diseases and unexpected pregnancy.

Teens and adults of today are fortunate because they have a wide choice when it comes to condoms. Apart from the regular type, there are the textured (ribbed and dotted), flavored, colored and the thinnest condoms. With various manufacturers creating different sizes and types of this rubber protection, users can choose the best one that suits their personal preferences.




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