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Condom Use Can Guarantee Sexual Satisfaction

Experiencing pleasurable sex need not be hard and worrisome. With the latest condoms made thinner today, teens and adults can expect to have greater sensitivity and stimulation while doing it with their partners. Various brands now produce thin condoms that offer a skinless feeling to users as if they’re not wearing any protective rubber in their private parts.

While there is the regular condom type, the thin condoms of today come in various scents and flavors. The scented type is more ideal for sensitive people who do not want the odor of rubber.

The thin rubber protection normally comes with a water-based lubricant to enhance the sexual pleasure. It should be noted that oil-based lubes should not be used with a thin or any kind of latex condom because it can cause the material to weaken. A U.S. sex census conducted byTrojan condoms in 2010 showed that overall sexual satisfaction in the U.S. continues to be high although it differs in the level. Married couples, for instance, claimed greater satisfaction at 82 percent compared to the single people (71 percent). In terms of frequency, the singles had more sex at 130 times per year compared to the married people at 109 times each year.

Overall, 67 percent of Americans claimed they were satisfied with their sex lives. In addition, 85 percent reported reaching orgasm during sexual intercourse with their partners.

The same study documented the preferences of adults when it concerns sex. It was found that 83 percent of men were open to experimenting as compared to women (65 percent). In line with this, about 31 percent of men claimed they were liberal in terms of sex.

Other findings include men said they enjoy the traditional and oral kind of sex. About 50 percent of men claimed this compared to 32 percent of the women. Also, more men or 71 percent desire more sex while the rate for women was 55 percent.

Another brand that has been doing surveys is Durex. According to the 2011 Durex Sexual Well being Global survey, Japan got the lowest score in terms of frequency of sex and satisfaction level. The U.S. and U.K. also got low scores compared to other countries. Among the highlights of the survey were people believed there was lack of excitement and variety in their sex lives, they did not have sex often and they’re not as satisfied as they want to be.

The 2010 Durex survey, on the other hand, found that 65 percent of respondents had sex more than once every week. In terms of orgasm, 48 percent claimed they reached the summit. Worldwide, 64 percent experienced orgasms, majority of them are men. Interestingly, the retirees aged 65 and older were also found to be still enjoying sex more than once a week.

Sexual satisfaction depends on the couple as well as to various factors such as the position and frequency of doing it. But even with a condom on, there’s every opportunity to experience heightened stimulation. Best of all, you know you’re protected from STDs and unwanted pregnancy.




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