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Online Availability for Condoms A great number of people are sexually active. They include not only the teens and adults but even the seniors. Sex is an act to be enjoyed especially among married couples. It’s a privilege that comes with marriage. However, it’s also a reality that many teens who are curious about sex engage in the act while single people also do it. When people fall in love or want to fulfill their sexual desires, they find a partner with whom they can do it. Thankfully, adults can protect themselves from unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections through the use of condoms and other contraceptives. The condoms, in particular, are readily available anywhere and can be bought not only in physical stores but also on the internet. Online, consumers can purchase condoms per pack or in bulk. Many users will agree that it’s normally cheaper to buy in bulk online because of the special discounts provided by business owners and dealers. What also makes online shopping popular is the fact that buyers do not have to deal with and face a sales staff in person unlike in a face-to-face setting such as when buying at pharmacies or grocery stores. Studies have shown that a lot of people are still not comfortable buying condoms from commercial establishments for fear they might be misjudged by the sales person. Thanks to the internet, teens and adult users can now order for condom packs any time they want without having to leave home. After paying, they will just have to wait for their order to arrive at their doorstep. Although there’s no concrete data as to the sales of condoms online, reports have it that the global market for this popular contraceptive is worth billions of dollars. It is also expected to continue growing through the coming years. A report by the Global Industry Analysts Inc. revealed that the condoms market worldwide is expected to earn a revenue of $6 billion by the year 2015. This is equivalent to 27 billion units of this rubber protection. This figure, according to the report will be driven by the economies of Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Strong sales in China and India are also expected to continue. In China, the high condom sales is attributed to the increased awareness on the importance of this personal contraceptive in preventing STDs as well as the increasing population of the country. In terms of value, Europe is considered the largest market for condoms. The continent has a 25 percent market share. In terms of volume, Asia-Pacific tops the list. Factors that contribute to this are the large population of many Asian countries, increased public awareness on STDs and condom use as well as increasing support from their governments. The region is foreseen to experience the fastest growth in value and volume at an annual rate of six percent moving through 2015. Keep in mind that you can practice safe sex and be an advocate of it by encouraging friends and other people to use condoms. Spread the word that condoms are readily available online for their convenience.




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