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Condom Myths

Common Myths Associated with Condom Use Condoms have been used for a long time. It has been proven to be effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections among teens and adults alike. Regular use of this rubber protection shows a person’s responsible behavior towards sex. Unfortunately despite its existence and the improvements that have been made through the years, there are still people who believe the myths associated with condoms. These should not be taken to heart because the rubber is a practical and personal protective tool that only aims to help users. What are the common myths then and why you need not worry about them? Condom use lowers sex drive, causes impotence and interferes with sexual pleasure. In terms of sexual drive, normally men may only experience erection for a short time when using a condom without any lubrication. The others may feel less excited while in the process of putting on the condom but experts say, it is always better to be safe than worried afterwards. You can always stimulate each other when this happens to keep the excitement going. In the area of impotence, there are many factors that can cause this and the condom is not one of them. There are no studies as well showing that a man’s impotence was caused by his constant condom use. In addition, sexual pleasure can still be experience even at the highest level what with the presence of thinner condoms today. This thin rubber feels like second skin and is very comfortable to use as claimed by adults who have tried it. Condom use causes premature ejaculation. It is not true that using a rubber protection can constrict an erect penis and lead a man to ejaculate prematurely causing an unsatisfied sexual experience. In fact, condoms help maintain longer erection and there’s a new kind as well that helps prolong the sexual pleasure. This type of condom contains a special lubricant that numbs the penis allow the males to have sex longer and not experience premature ejaculation. Condoms encourage promiscuity and infidelity. It does not necessarily follow that with the easy access to this personal rubber protective tool, teens and adults can become promiscuous and engage in extra marital affairs. Regular condom use actually shows the person has a responsible sexual behavior as he or she just wants the right protection. Condoms can be used with lotion and cream. This should not be practiced especially with latex condoms. Oil-based products such as lotions and creams can dissolve rubber and melt holes. As such, make sure you only use lubricants specifically designed for use with the rubber protection. Condoms are not effective in preventing STDs and pregnancy. Experts have always pointed out that condoms should be correctly and consistently used in order for them to be effective. The steps stated in each pack should be followed to the letter and the rubber must be worn in every sexual act to achieve its purpose. Keep these things in mind and you can be sure to enjoy your sexual experience without being bothered by what you used to believe in.




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