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Condoms have gone a long way since it was developed in the ancient times. While people had very little choice (or none at all) in the olden days, today they can choose from a wide selection that fits their lifestyle. The male condoms, in particular, now come in different sizes, shapes, colors, texture and flavors. Thanks to the major manufacturers who have never stopped looking into the needs of consumers with regards to their personal protection, these various types are made available at very affordable rates. Credit goes to these makers as they continue to conduct surveys and studies regularly to find out about condom use and preferences as well as the sexual behavior of teen and adult consumers. Sizes Men who used to be bothered by the small size condoms they were forced to use can now rejoice as they can now choose the size that fits them right. Large and extra large sizes are now available for the gifted males. There are other types that fit well from the opening but have extra room at the tip. Getting the right size is very important to ensure your protection all throughout your sexual activity. By doing this, you and your partner will avoid the hassle that comes with using loose condoms. Thinness While the regular latex condoms are on hand, manufacturers have also developed the thinner ones for people looking to experience more pleasure in their sexual activity. Many adults prefer this nowadays over the regular one because it is able to transmit the sensation and therefore, feels as natural as not wearing any rubber at all as claimed by those who have used it. The thinness also varies. Apart from the regular kind, there’s also the super thin. Some brands claim it to feel like second skin while the others say theirs feels like wearing nothing at all. Most also come with a lubricant at the tip. Texture Some adults also prefer to experience a little titillation or heightened pleasure during their sexual act and the most ideal condom to achieve such goal is the textured condom. This type also varies from the ribbed and studded to the dotted. With the so called extras such as the studs and ribs, men can be sure to provide greater stimulation to their partner. The end result is a pleasurable sexual encounter. Flavors Candies and ice cream come in different flavors and so do the condoms. Flavors can range from the usual vanilla to chocolate, strawberry, mint, grape and banana. Some brands provide flavored lubricants for more pleasure. This type of condom is meant to provide more pleasure during oral sex and perfectly safe to use. And contrary to what others believe, they cost the same as that of the unflavored rubber protection. If you and your partner are okay with using a flavored condom while doing vaginal intercourse, make sure you read the label first to find out if the one you’re using is safe. Medical experts recommend not using anything including flavored condoms or lubricants that can irritate the vagina and cause yeast infection.




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