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Climax Control Condoms

Men love to engage in sex in a prolonged manner if they can have their way. It gives them an opportunity to enjoy pleasure longer than usual.

According to the experts, the average duration of a sexual activity can last for half an hour. This already includes the seduction and foreplay phase up to the actual intercourse. Although some sex therapists say very few people have intercourse that lasts longer than 12 minutes.

Unfortunately sometimes, men experience premature ejaculation or reaching their climax early during the intercourse or at times even ahead of their female partners. Also, previous clinical studies have found that an estimated 30 percent of people complained about premature ejaculation.

Also called rapid ejaculation, this can happen less than a minute or two at the start of the intercourse. When this happens, they can get frustrated and would want to engage in some more sexual activity to derive more pleasure.

Thankfully, those who suffer from this kind of condition need not worry so much today. The reason is that the so-called climax control condoms are now widely available in the market to aid adults especially the males in prolonging their sexual pleasure.

This type of personal rubber protection contains a small amount of benzocaine, a form of anesthetic at the tip. The substance is in a gel form and not totally visible to the eye. Durex is well known for creating this kind of condom. Called Performax, this climax control rubber works by putting the benzocaine anesthetic on the tip or glans of the penis as the condom is being rolled on the male genital. The penis will then get numb after a few minutes.

The advantage of a numb penis is it can endure a longer sexual intercourse without premature ejaculation thus providing much pleasure to both the condom wearer and his partner. With this male genital desensitizer introduced by Durex and Trojan, the goal of delayed or junkie orgasm can now be achieved.

This type of condom is safe to use and it has been legally approved for sale in the market. Local anesthetics that are in a gel or cream form (topical) are widely used today in hospitals. They do not pose any risk compared to the general anesthesia that puts a person to sleep.

Today, Durex and Trojan are manufacturing the climax control condoms. Durex has its Performax (Performa in the U.K.) while Trojan has its Extended Pleasure line.




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