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Best Practices for Condom Use

Condoms are everywhere. It can be bought offline at drugstores and grocery stores or online through various retailers or from the manufacturer’s websites on the internet. But while many people know what the product is and where it is used, not all are aware of the proper ways of wearing it and disposing of it after use. Some men may just insert it but don’t know actually what the tip is for. Or it can be that some may not know the signs if the condom is already breaking and how they can dispose of the condom after using it with the semen inside. In addition, some teens and adults may just put their newly bought rubber anywhere in the house which is not a good attitude.

There are guidelines on how to properly use the rubber and store it in your home. By following the right steps, couples are assured of their safety every time they engage in sexual intercourse.

After buying condom packs, make sure that you store them in a cool and dry place. The temperature of the area where you want to keep them should be below room temperature or below 32 degrees F. Exposing them to high temperatures will weaken the condom. As such, you need to keep them away from direct sunlight or heat or cover the windows of the area if there are any.

Some places where you should not keep your rubber include wallets and glove box. Also, don’t even think about putting them in your car’s trunk.

Take the time to check the packaging as well. Keep in mind that condoms have an expiration date so make it a habit not to buy in bulk.

When you’re opening a pack, be sure to rip it slowly and carefully. Avoid using your teeth to open it.

Next, put some lubricant at the tip of the condom’s exterior. Some rubber already come with a lubricant but go ahead and add some more if you feel like doing so. Just remember never to use an oil-based lube with a latex condom as it can cause leakage during intercourse. A water-based lubricant should be used instead. The oil-based such as baby oil and cold cream should be used only with a polyurethane one.

As you’re ready to put it on, gently squeeze first the tip to get rid of the air inside. Then slowly roll it over up to the base of your penis leaving a little space from the tip. For those with foreskin, push it back first as you’re putting on the rubber. Then push it back forward toward the tip after the entire condom has been worn. If you feel the rubber is slipping or there’s breakage during intercourse, the best practice is to immediately pull out by holding it at the base and change it to a new one. After intercourse, make sure to throw away the condom in the trash can. Never throw it in your toilet bowl as it can cause clogging later on.

Remember, too, that a condom should only be used once.




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