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Are Thin condoms as safe ?

Are Thin Condoms More Likely to Break During Sex? Condoms have greatly improved through the years. From the regular thickness that people were used to decades ago, manufacturers have come up with the thin type to fulfill the need of those who long for a more pleasurable sexual experience. Many adults avoid using condoms because of the discomfort that comes with wearing the rubber. Men feel awkward wearing a protective covering in their private part while women also complain about not getting enough pleasure when their partner is wearing the condom. Fortunately, the manufacturers heard all the clamor and took action to develop the thinner condoms to enhance a couple’s sexual pleasure. Many are now rejoicing because of this and research has shown that more adults prefer to use the thin type as it allows them to gain more sexual satisfaction. A study published in the 2012 Journal of Sex Medicine showed that sexual pleasure was experienced when men claimed they were satisfied with how their condom felt. In short, the thin type came out the winner among the males as it is not only comfortable to wear but heightens the level of pleasure as well between the men and their partners. But other than the comfort and pleasure it assures, the durability aspect is what many consumers are also very particular about. Some are not confident to use it for fear that it may break or slip when worn during intercourse. There are users who said they have experienced their thin condom slipping or breaking or is too small they felt t uncomfortable. While there are people who have reported instances when the thin condom got torn or slipped, the number is very small. A large percentage of men who have used it claim to be very satisfied with the rubber because it provided a natural feeling and did not cause any irritation. Some also raved about the perfect fit that prevented slipping and the absence of any rubber odor as with the case of the latex condoms. Many married couples who have tried it were also satisfied based on the reviews. Thinner condoms, when used correctly and with extra care, are equally effective in protecting users against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). It is only when they are not handled properly that they can tear. Being made from a thin material, they can be easily damaged by teeth, jewelry, fingernails and other incorrect uses. Studies have shown that condoms are effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy and STIs as long as they are used correctly and consistently. They have to be worn properly following the right steps indicated on the pack and must be used every time when engaging in any sexual act. All condoms regardless of brand go through rigorous quality control tests at the manufacturing plant. They include the air inflation, water and electronic tests to check for holes and other defects. Other samples are checked for sizes, thickness and physical strength. Some are subjected to high temperatures to ensure they will still retain their quality beyond their usual shelf life of five years.




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