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What is with Textured Condoms?

It used to be that condoms were only made from the smooth type of rubber material without any texture at all. But leading manufacturers have responded to people’s needs prompting them to come up with textured condoms.

Various brands of textured condoms are on the market these days. Some are ribbed while the others are dotted. The ribbed, however, is the most common type of textured condom. The main purpose of this type of condom is to enhance the sensation experienced by the user and his partner. It is most ideal for people who complain about not feeling any sensation during sexual intercourse and those who don’t look forward to a pleasurable sexual experience.

Among the leading manufacturers, Okamoto has the edge. Its Crown condoms are popular for being thinner than its competitors such that they feel like second skin when used. In short, they can guarantee users with great pleasure while protecting them from sexually transmitted disease and unwanted pregnancy.

While some condom brands have the common ribbed type, Crown is unique because it has dots. The brand’s functional series feature the Dot de Hot and Dot de Cold. These two types of condoms have 1,350 raised dots and lubricant to provide greater stimulation. Both are made from sheerlon material and are ISO-certified. The Dot de Hot type features a warming lubricant. The Dot de Cold, on the other hand, comes with a cooling menthol lubricant. So however you like to be stimulated, there’s a Crown condom you can use.

Condoms need to be used properly to gain its benefits. Many adults prefer to use the lubricated type to ensure comfort and sensitivity. Whether you like the regular or the thinner type, what matters is you are comfortable using it and your partner enjoys the experience as much as you do.

You can count on Okamoto’s Crown condoms to meet your needs.


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