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Most Preferred Non-Latex Condoms

People have different preferences when it comes to using a condom. Luckily, there have a wide choice these days thanks to the efforts of condom manufacturers. They can choose a rubber according to the type of material, the size, brand, scent and even flavor.

Manufacturers have also been considerate of their consumers who have sensitive skin. And so apart from the regular latex condoms they make, they are also now offering the non-latex type meant for people suffering from latex allergies. Various brands have this kind of rubber protection for both teens and adults. In fact, this type can be used both by those with or without allergies.

Lifestyles SKYN is made from synthetic polyisoprene. Compared to the latex and polyurethane, this material is stretchable, resistant to breakage and because of this elasticity, it is able to fit well any penis size. They may not be so thin but they are guaranteed to fit a man’s private part better. Additionally, the new Lifestyles SKIN is quite soft it makes the user feel like the condom is just second skin.

Men endowed with a large penis can also rely on SKYN large. Since this is also made from polyisoprene, it does not contain latex allergens. Males who use this are assured as well of protection because the large type has the strength of latex yet maintains the sensitivity provided by a thin condom. You might also like the fact that it comes with a lubricant that stays with the rubber for a long time and ensures a smooth experience.

Durex has its Avanti and Avanti Bare variants. Durex pioneered the non-latex male condom that provides double protection from STDs and unwanted pregnancy. Initially, it used polyurethane for its original Avanti but later on, it added polyisoprene for its Avanti Bare.

This one is even less costly than the condom made of polyurethane hence, it benefits consumers. Those who have used Durex’s Avanti claim they experience more heat and pleasure when suing the condom. In addition, it does not have any odor so you can be sure to have a pleasurable experience with your partner whether you’re doing it the traditional or non-traditional way.

Trojan Supra is made from the medical grade kind of polyurethane but without the odor. Initially, it was produced with a spermicide lubricant but now, it comes with a water-based lube to prevent allergic reaction among users who may be sensitive to the substance. It should be noted, though, that this type can actually work with oil-based lubricants.

Another Trojan condom that is not made from latex is the Naturalamb Natural Skin. Unaware to some people, the earliest condoms were made from animal skin and Trojan is the only manufacturer that has retained this type. Those who have used it attest to the comfort it provides. Unfortunately, some don’t like the smell of this kind of condom.

It should be noted that condoms made from an animal’s natural membrane are not guaranteed to protect users from STD transmission. Their primary purpose is to prevent unwanted pregnancy.


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