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Can the Thinnest Condom Protect You?

The condoms of yesterday have evolved through the years and thanks to advances in technology, they have become thinner to the delight of adult users. Thin condoms are made possible through the use of the latex material. This stretchable yet durable material allows manufacturers to create even the thinnest condom that feels like second skin.

Crown condoms are those that have the thinnest in the market today. Manufactured by Okamoto, a Japanese company, the brand has been making condoms since 1934.

The Crown brand boasts of its thinnest condom called the Skinless Skin. This type is considered Okamoto's best selling and most in demand. They are made so thin but promises durability and reliability. The most advanced technology is utilized to come up with this kind of condom and the best part is they have no odor or taste. As such, users can be sure to have a satisfying sexual experience with the heightened sensation they feel the Crown condom.

Another factor that makes the Skinless Skin condom different than the others is that its size. This variety is slightly wider and longer than the average condom.

Still another edge of this type of condom is that it is commonly used by the porn stars. You will know it through the pink condoms that these stars use in their adult films. One of the primary reasons why porn stars like this is the fact that when used, it provides great sensitivity just like one is not using a condom at all. In addition, they are very stretchable and durable hence users need not worry about being infected by sexually transmitted diseases or causing unwanted pregnancy.

Also known as the closest thing to nothing at all, Crown's Skinless Skin condom has a water based lubricant and a reservoir tip.

Adults who have used this condom claimed the product is perfect and is true to its description as the closest thing to not wearing any rubber. The females also praised this rubber saying their partners love using it because it's very thin and sensitive. By ensuring sensitivity, both the males and females can enjoy much stimulation during sexual experience.

Being the thinnest condom does not mean there's risk of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases including HIV. Crown's manufacturer, Okamoto, makes sure that every condom that it makes goes through the necessary electronic testing. It values its customers and the only way to satisfy them and keep them using the product is through providing durable and reliable condoms.


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