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How to Choose a Lubricant for Your Condom

When engaging in sex, couples normally want a smooth experience with no distractions. This can be achieved through the use of the right condom size and more lubricant.

Most condoms come with a lubricant. This substance plays an important role in preventing friction as the private parts of a man and woman come into contact. Sometimes, the lube provided in the condom may not be enough hence, more is needed.

But how do you find the right lubricant to use? Which ingredients would you look for? What if you’re sensitive to it? These are the questions that might be in your mind but don’t worry, with all the numerous brands on the market these days, you’ll surely find one that suits your needs.

A lubricant today is often water-based. This type is ideal for use with a latex condom. Remember that it’s never good to use an oil-based lube with the rubber because it can weaken the material and eventually cause breakage during sexual intercourse. Don’t buy those that contain oil and never use baby oil, Vaseline or massage oils as well.

Lubes you can use with a latex condom are the water-based and silicone type. As its name suggests, the water-based means it is water soluble. They can be used with the rubber and all sex toys. But since this kind can be quite slippery and won’t last long, users may need to re-apply them during intercourse. Some are also sticky and can dry out after a few minutes. The silicone lubes are more preferred by many adults. It’s not sticky and can even be used in water. What’s best about this type is that it provides users with a silky feeling without the stickiness. This one, however, should not be used with sex toys particularly those made of futurotic, neoskin, silicon, euroskin and cyberskin.

Apart from the water-based lubes, there are also the flavored as well as the cooling and warming kinds. For those who are fond of doing oral sex, the flavored lubricant is highly recommended. T his can be used for the condom and the vagina. Women who are sensitive to glycerin and those prone to yeast infections should avoid this type, though. Those who frequently suffer from yeast infection should consult a health professional before continuing to use the lube.

For those who would like to make their sexual experience hotter, the warming lubricant is most ideal. This one contains special properties that when rubbed on the private part creates heat. The cooling type, on the other hand, provides a tingling sensation when applied on the penis or when this is blown. Whether for oral sex or vaginal intercourse, this lube is safe to use even with the condom on.

You may have heard of the spermicide type of lubricant that contains nonoxynol 9. Most often, it is used mainly to prevent unwanted pregnancy and therefore, does not guarantee your protection from sexually transmitted diseases. There are also health risks associated with its use hence some online retailers no longer offer this product.


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