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Wearing Condoms

Who Should Use A Condom?

Anyone interested in having sexual intercourse with a partner should consider using a condom. It's that simple folks. If you want to stay alive and disease free you should really consider using a condom unless you are more than confident with your partners past sexual history and believe they are indeed disease free. If you are one of those people with too many reasons not to wear a condom please see the section myths about condoms.

It used to be that only men who didn't want to get their girlfriends pregnant wore a condom. Basically this meant carrying a condom in your wallet in preparation for that wonderful moment. Nothing was worse than having the girl stop and ask you "if you had a condom". Now, wearing a condom is a matter of life and death. AIDs, Hepatitis, VD, Herpes and a bevy of other sexually transmitted diseases can be prevented by using a condom.

Parents should also speak to your children about wearing condoms. Preventing death, disease and uinplanned pregnancy are pretty good reasons for parents to tell their kids that they should also be wearing condoms.

Casual sexual activity between consenting adults is on the rise. College hook ups, one night stands, and an occasional case of the Coyote Uglies are all great reasons to consider using a condom. These latex gifts from heaven not only prevent pregnancy but provide an essential barrier of protection between you and your hook up and can provide you with many additional disease free years to practice your craft and master the skills of the one night stands.

Gay men practicing anal sex with their partners should also wear condoms. This type of sexual activity is rougher than conventional intercourse and can sometimeslead to tearing or slight abrasion on the penis. These cuts are often how a sexual disease like AIDS or Hepatitis can be passed between partners.

If you are not wearing condoms and are having sexual relations with multiple partners or having lots of casual sex the chances that you will get an STD is greatly increased. Protect yourself, your wallet, and your buddies and always wear a condom.


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