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Veggie Condoms For The Vegans

Vegetarians who wish to enjoy a more exciting and safer sexual experience have reason to be happy today. It is because they can now use a new type of condom well suited for their lifestyle.

The so-called vegetarian condoms are set to be launched worldwide soon. This type of condom has been in existence for several years already but it only gained popularity in the U.K. And owing to its high sales in Britain, the producers have decided to launch it to the rest of the world.

The veggie condoms, unlike the regular ones, do not contain casein which is a milk-based additive. In London and in the south east, they are very popular in food shops and even in trendy boutiques.

Indian businessmen Shandip and Ketan Shah, the creator of this veggie condom, said their product is fit for all kinds of vegetarians including those who are very strict with their diets. Their company called Fusion has also registered this veggie condom with the Vegan Society of Britain.

The owners of Fusion condoms added that they created this new product in an effort to guide vegetarians and vegans in making choices with regards to safe sex. Great Britain is estimated to have three million vegetarians and 180,000 vegans. Vegans are considered the stricter version of vegetarians as they don’t consume any dairy products including milk. Managing director Shandip Shah said they are aware of the fact that teenage pregnancies have again risen and it is for this reason that they want to raise awareness on the importance of contraceptives among the young people. He added that they have been circulating their unique condoms in fashion stores, budget shops, health food shops and even among chemists.

The Shah brothers also run a pharmacy on London’s Baker Street. They have been supplying condoms to some 30 health food stores with the number still growing. They are also green advocates making sure that they use environment friendly materials. In the vegetarian condom’s packaging, Fusion uses only cardboard without cellophane with the instructions on using the product printed on the reverse side of the packet thereby removing the use of paper inserts which is common in other condom brands. The pack also features the vegan logo on the outside.

Price-wise, Fusion’s veggie condoms are cheaper particularly in the U.K. market where condoms command a high price next to Ireland and the Netherlands. A pack of three is priced at 1.99 sterling pounds.

These unique and eco friendly condoms also come in different flavors. These include the banana plain, banana dotted, chocolate plain and dotted, strawberry plain and dotted. For those who don’t prefer the flavored, there is also the unflavored product.

Fusion condoms are made from rubber and undergo the usual process to meet all international safety standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Using a condom is still one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and prevent unwanted pregnancy. With the various types available these days, any adult who want to enjoy safe sex can readily purchase this online or offline.


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