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Trojan Research Reveals Trend in Condom Use

Condom manufacturers today are not just concerned with their profits. Some value their customers so much that they continue to do research on the sexual behaviors of people and their use of the protective tool. This is to enable the company to develop more innovative products that will meet the needs of consumers and ensure their satisfaction every time they use the product.

The Trojan brand of Church & Dwight conducted a study in 2009 in partnership with Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health Promotion through Knowledge Networks. The goal was to find out the rate of condom use among teenagers and the sexual habits of adolescents and adults in the U.S.

The study took three months and covered both men and women who were interviewed online. Their ages ranged from 14 to 94. The respondents numbering 5,865 in total were asked about their condom use and the 41 combinations of sexual activities.

Researchers were surprised over the different views of people when it comes to sexual acts. While vaginal intercourse is often what many believe to be as normal sex, the others pointed out that the mere act of masturbating or doing it orally already means having sex.

In the area of orgasm, the study found that among adults aged 18 and above, 85 percent of men said their female partners were able to reach the summit. On the part of women, 65 percent of them claimed they were satisfied with their partners. It should be noted, however, that not all men know when their female partners reach orgasm during intercourse.

In terms of sexual experience among teenagers aged 14 to 17, one of the Indiana University researchers said more females had sex or nine percent compared to only four percent of the males. In the older age group (17 to 18 years old), however, more males or 40 percent had sex compared to 36 percent of teenage girls.

A significant finding in the research as well was that many of the respondents were using condoms. The adolescents were found to be using the condom more, specifically the black and Hispanic teens. This was according to a member of the sexual advisory council of the Church & Dwight company.

One of the reasons for the teens’ use of the rubber protection is due to their increased awareness about sexually transmitted diseases and how not using the tool can cause unwanted pregnancy.

Trojan is considered to be the biggest condom company in the U.S. And in its effort to improve the safety of its products, the firm has tapped Indiana University’s Bloomington site as its education, research and consulting partner. Trojan vice president of marketing Jim Daniels stressed that they are committed to educating people about engaging in safe sex and the importance of using the condom to prevent pregnancies and STD transmission.

Apart from the U.S., Trojan subsidiaries in other countries are also conducting research every now and then to obtain information on the various aspects of sexual health and to further improve the brand’s products for the satisfaction and protection of consumers.


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