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The Role of Lubricants in Using Condoms

There are some men who don’t find it pleasurable when not using lubricants during sex even without the rubber. The same is true when they’re using condoms.

Lubricants play a vital role during a sexual activity. They make sex more gratifying and smooth sailing. Their main goal is to reduce the friction between the body parts and other objects. Apart from sexual intercourse, they may also be used during masturbation.

The use of the substance benefits not only the men but also the women. As such, most condoms on the market today come with lubricants.

Personal lubricants are generally water-based. This is because the oil-based can cause breakage of the condom during intercourse.

In the past, cellulose ether or glycerin solutions were used in making these water-based lubricants. Today, however, other ingredients are used to ensure moisture retention and contamination is prevented.

When using condoms, it’s important that a lubricant is applied on the outside before starting any sexual activity. Sometimes, users may have to reapply because of the fact that water-based lubricants tend to try out during use.

Lifestyles condom is one brand that provides a range of personal lubricants. Currently, five variants are available. All are dermatologist tested and can be used with the condom. Luxe Premium is a silicone-based lubricant that won’t dry out during use. Because it’s long-lasting, the substance can last up to three times longer than the water-based type. It is non-sticky and does not have any odor so condom users can be sure to experience comfort and pleasure.

Natural Desires is made from natural ingredients and contains no harsh additives. This is ideal for the sensitive people being hypoallergenic and approved by dermatologists. It is also pH balanced, non-sticky, free from paraben and does not have any fragrance. Warm Lovin’ provides silky and smooth warmth to couples. It is also long lasting and comes in an easy to use pump bottle.

Excite is a gel type of lubricant that improves orgasm. When used with a condom, it produces a warm and tingling sensation. It contains menthol and L-arginine to heighten sensation and arousal. People who have used the product claim that it benefited both partner during sexual intercourse.

Smooth is a massage and lubricant in one. It comes in strawberry flavor and does not stain. It is also non-sticky, water soluble and has a pH balanced formula. In addition, it is compatible with a condom.


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