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Study Finds Women Crave Pillow Talk After Sex

Doing the sex act can be pleasurable but tiring at the same time particularly on the part of men. It is no surprise then that many women often complain about their men dozing off after sex. This has been proven true by studies, some of them even confirming that men were more likely to sleep first than their female partners. A recent study done by psychologists at the University of Michigan, however, pointed out that this habit of men who doze off after sex is not good. The reason is that they cause women to feel insecure, unhappy and craving for affection.

Psychologists stressed that talking and cuddling after the act is an important way of expressing commitment to each other. They added that what couples do before they make love is as crucial as what they do afterwards.

In their recent study covering some 456 heterosexual people, the researchers found that the level of craving for affection and emotional bonding by women was highest when their partner slept first. They pointed out that couples need not worry about causing pregnancy these days as contraception including the condom is readily available.

Women are said to be emotional in nature and those who are serious about making their relationship work often seek commitment from their partners. Unfortunately, not all men are able to give this. And all the more they get frustrated and disappointed when their men fall asleep after sex, not giving them a chance to talk about their relationship and commitment. According to the experts, there are reasons behind men’s tendency to sleep after making love. They are classified into the chemical and evolutionary reasons. A study done in 2011 showed the chemical aspect could be related to the production of the oxytocin and prolactin hormones which create a form of sedative effect in men.

The evolutionary aspect includes several factors. One is that men’s tendency to fall asleep before their partner could be a sign that they don’t want to engage in any talk that pertains to commitment. Women as proven many times in studies crave for affection and attention particularly when they do an intimate act with their partners. Men, on the other hand, often just want to prove their manliness ortheir role as a partner in reproduction as in the case of husbands.

The same study also found that women considered it important to sleep together with their partner after sex. Researchers suggested this desire is sort of women’s way of making sure their partners don’t leave them for someone else.

On the other hand, men’s claim that women often slept first especially when they don’t have sex has an evolutionary reason as well. According to researchers, this is a strategy of men to guard their mate. Another reason could be that men still hope that their partners would change their mind and have sex with them.

If you’re guilty of this habit, just make sure that you don’t forget to use a condom when you have an intimate moment with your partner. It’s best to be worry-free than stressful afterwards.


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