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Okamoto Uses Hydro Polyurethane for New Condom Series

Many people think that condoms are made from just the rubber material. It’s true in part because pure rubber was used in the past to make the product.

Fortunately, the materials used in making condoms have changed and improved through the years. With the advances in technology, this rubber protection against sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy has been made better and even thinner. From the pure rubber, manufacturers have found new materials to create more comfortable and thinner condoms that provide greater sexual satisfaction to users.

Okamoto is one condom manufacturer that has revolutionized the rubber. Its popular Crown brand now has a 0.02mm super-thin non-latex condom made from polyurethane. Users can be sure to be well protected as the thickness at the bottom and at the tip of the condom is the same. Unlike the pure rubber and latex, this new material is more stretchable. This hydro polyurethane condom is most ideal for people who allergic to the latex material. The Okamoto condom with this new material comes in a classy black and gold packaging and contains 10 pieces per pack.

Polyurethane is a very flexible yet durable material. It’s been used in the manufacture of a wide variety of products since the 1940s. This substance is actually classified as a polymer according to its chemical structure. It is made using two types of compounds and as such, it is very durable that it can be stretched, smashed or scratched without damaging the material. It also has various advantages such as being resistant to abrasion, oil and solvent, tear, weather as well as heat and cold, has a higher load-bearing capacity, high flex-life, excellent electrical insulating properties.

Through this polyurethane material, Okamoto has created very thin condoms. The benefit of a thin condom compared to the regular one is that it increases sensitivity during intercourse. As such, they allow for better transmission of heat leading to heightened stimulation and pleasure. The downside is its price because the polyurethane condom is normally more expensive than the standard ones.

Condoms have been used for more than 400 years now. They’re one of the most preferred forms of contraception worldwide. The rubber condoms were manufactured in 1855 while the latex types were made starting in 1920. Leading manufacturers started using the polyurethane in making condoms in 1994. Another material known as the polyisoprene was used in manufacturing the contraception at a much later date in 2008.


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