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Married Couples Have Sex More Frequently Than Singles

It has been proven time and again that being married brings a lot of benefits to couples. One of them is having a regular and satisfying sex life. Having this has its positive effects as well to a couple’s health and emotional state.

In the area of sex, medical studies have found that married couples are not only satisfied but they make love more frequently than the singles. So those who think that marriage is boring and does not improve one’s sex life should think otherwise. Also, this latest finding only shows that it’s not just the single men and women who have an exciting sexual experience.

A study done in 1994 at the University of Chicago confirmed that regardless of age, the married couples had sex more often than the singles. For instance, those in the 18 to 29 age group, those who tied the knot made love nine times a month while the singles had sex only six times a month. In the older group aged 40 to 49, the frequency of having sex was six times compared to four times among the singles.

Researchers pointed out that sex in marriage is more satisfying because it goes beyond just the physical. In other words, couples often make an effort to provide more pleasure to their partners and if possible, enable each other to reach orgasm. For the real partners who have made a vow to stick it out through thick and thin, having sex is a way to reconnect and sometimes make up after a fight.

One of the downsides for those who have small kids, though, is the duration of making love. With toddlers and sometimes with no babysitter around, it can be difficult for couples to have sex together any time they want. And so doing the act can just be for a short time and sometimes less than an hour.

Data from the University of Chicago study showed that of the married women surveyed, three quarters claimed making love that lasted for 15 to 60 minutes. On the other hand, some 16 percent claimed they had sex quicker.

The same research revealed that the only edge of single people over the married ones when it comes to having sex is their stamina. Being single and not having much responsibilities compared to those who are in a commitment mean they have more energy and the time to work out if they want to do so. The study’s finding showed that 30 percent of women who are not in a relationship and don’t live with a man said their latest sexual act lasted for more than an hour.

In another report entitled The Case of Marriage: Why Married People are Happier, Healthier and Better off Financially, the authors wrote that some 40 percent of married couples have sex twice a week. In addition, more than 40 percent of married women claimed to have a sex life that satisfied them not only physically but emotionally as well. For the males, 50 percent of those married admitted having a satisfying sex life.

The final point is the use of a condom every time you have sex. This will prevent the transmission of infectious diseases and unwanted pregnancy. If a worry-free sexual experience is what you want, then condoms are a must.


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