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iPhone Users Have More Partners in Bed

A growing number of people have smart phones these days. These advanced phones include the iPhone, Blackberry and Android. Among the three, iPhone regardless of the model remains to be the most widely used followed by Blackberry Curve as of November 2011. A Nielsen study done in 2010 also confirmed that the Apple device is still the leader.

When linked to sexual activity, users of Apple’s iPhone were found to have more partners in bed than those who own Blackberry and Android phones. A study of 9,875 members aged 30 years old belonging to OKCupid, an online dating community, revealed that the Blackberry owners came in second followed by those who own the Android device.

Specifically, what the survey found was that single women who have iPhones had on average 12 sex partners. The number was twice more than those who use Android.

The survey covered both single men and women but the findings highlighted that it’s the women who displayed promiscuous sexual behavior. Doubts have been raised on this particular issue as some women who answered the questions asked during the study might have lied in one way or another.

It’s okay to be single and doing sex regularly as long as it’s with a steady partner. You can do it without the commitment.

It’s a different story, however, if you have different sexual partners. And more so not a good image to project if you’re a woman.

In this age when there are many infectious diseases that can be transmitted through sex, it’s not a good idea to go to bed with different partners and doing it often. For women, it pays to be careful and if possible, to do it only with a steady partner. If you no longer have a steady boyfriend, then it would be best to wait until the time you find a man who will be good enough to become your future husband.

It’s easy to acquire these sexually transmitted diseases or get pregnant if you don’t protect yourself. By protecting yourself means a condom or any other contraception during any sexual encounter.

Condoms have been the most popular and continue to be in demand until today. And since it’s readily available, there’s no reason that you can’t buy and use it. In fact, consumers nowadays have various options when it comes to buying their supply of condoms. They can purchase it from a real store near their place or they can buy it conveniently online.


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