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How to Have Enjoy Sex and Be Safe

These days, it is very important to be responsible for your actions. This applies to both teens and adults.

When it comes to having sex, the more people should take extra care of themselves. With the numerous infectious diseases in existence today, those who are careless can be at risk of contracting the sexually transmitted diseases including HIV.

While having sexual intercourse is considered to be most pleasurable, there are other ways that you can experience arousal and satisfaction without any penetration. This can be done with the use of condoms.

A condom is the best barrier that can prevent the transfer of infectious diseases through the usual sexual act. It has been proven effective for a long time now hence, there’s no reason why people who want personal protection can’t rely on this product. Experts point out that it may not be 100 percent safe but with proper use, it definitely can protect people.

People can engage in oral sex safely by using the rubber. Keep in mind that with an erect penis before ejaculation can take place, seminal fluid can already leak and this can cause infection. To be safe then, a condom needs to be put on the penis before doing any oral sex.

For those who want to avoid the smell and taste of the latex rubber, there are now flavored condoms available on the market. Flavors include chocolate, strawberry, grape, vanilla and bubble gum, among others. Apart from the different flavors, some of them come in various colors as well that match their flavors. Using this type of condom can make oral sex more fun and exciting.

Other than the condom, a lubricant must also be used. This has to be applied to the outer portion of the rubber. By doing this, friction between the two persons’ private parts is prevented leading to a more satisfying sexual experience. Just be mindful that oil-based lubricants are a no-no. The reason is that they can weaken the rubber which can lead to leakage. Avoid using the spermacide type of lubricant as well as it is not reliable in preventing STD and HIV transmission.

There are now condoms made specifically for the males and for the females. The one for females is different as it is normally inserted into the vagina. It can be inserted up to eight hours before the sexual intercourse.

There’s also the dental dam that can be used for oral sex. This is a rectangular square made from latex and is placed in the private part to prevent contact.


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