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How Crown Became the Worlds Best Condom

With several condom manufacturers in existence today, competition in the industry is indeed stiff. As people’s preferences and needs change through the years, companies making the rubber protective tool find ways and means to come up with more innovative products to meet their customers’ needs.

Among the top condom makers that continue to do research and development is Okamoto. This company based in Tokyo, Japan is the one behind the popular brands Crown and Beyond Seven.

The Okamoto latex factory was founded in 1934 and since then has been producing millions of condoms distributed worldwide. In 1969, the brand’s first thinnest condom was made.

Crown is well known for its super thin condom or the Skinless Skin. It’s guaranteed to make a man feel like he’s not wearing any rubber at all or what they often term as a bareback feeling. Any woman is also assured of experiencing more pleasure during intercourse when his partner wears the Skinless Skin.

Owing to its sensitivity, reliability and comfort, many consumers have given the brand a high rating. This has led to it being voted as the world’s best condom for nine straight years by one online shop that sells the product.

Surveys that sought the views of consumers on condom brands also rated Crown as a topnotch. A test showed nine out of 10 people preferred the brand. Many claimed this product as unmatched by its close rivals and one that can provide men with a no-rubber feeling. Being very thin, it’s not a surprise for adults to pick the brand over the others.

In addition to the thinness, Crown condoms are non-contoured, pink tinted and has a reservoir tip. It also comes with a light lubricant and has no strong latex odor. As such, couples can be sure to have a smooth experience without having to worry about any rubber scent. Each pack goes through individual testing using precise electrostatic technology.

Okamoto values its customers and their health the reason why it continues to commit to producing only quality condoms to protect teens and adults. It makes sure that all condoms undergo proper testing procedures using state-of-the-art Japanese technology to enable them to protect users at all times.

Health experts confirm that the condom can protect people from STD transmission and unwanted pregnancy. As long as it is used correctly and on a regular basis, users can be assured of their safety while enjoying their sexual experience.

With the threat of STDs and HIV still lurking around, teens and adults need to be responsible for their actions. Using a condom is one way of protecting themselves from getting infectious diseases or causing pregnancy. For those who use it together with a lubricant, keep in mind to use only the water-based lubes because using creams and the oil-based type can weaken the rubber and cause breakage.

Recent studies have found that condom use has increased particularly among teenagers. Various factors are attributed to this development such as the parent’s constant communication with his or her teen child and the child’s awareness on STDs, its transmission and teen pregnancy.


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