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Hong Kong Residents Told to Have Sex More Often

If you think that people in the more developed countries are sexually active, you need to think again. While it can be true in some countries, it’s not the same in other nations. In Asia, for instance, Hong Kong is considered to be a conservative nation with a low birth rate. Data from the World Bank revealed an average of 1.04 births only per woman, one of the lowest in the world.

A 2011 survey, on the other hand, showed that couples in the country normally have sex twice a week and they’re contented with that. Specifically, men claimed to be satisfied with making love at least 1.9 times in a week while women were contented doing it 1.6 times weekly.

The research done by the City University’s Community College also found that women often used tiredness and illness to avoid having sex with their partners especially when they’re not in the mood to do it. These facts are what led sex experts to encourage local residents to have sex more often.

There are varied reasons attributed to this low fertility rate in Hong Kong. An expert at University of Hong Kong’s Family Institute said limited space and the focus on careers are just some of them. Most families live in small apartment buildings and can’t afford to buy a home because of the high prices of real estate properties.

In addition, the young residents are often forced to stay in their homes even those beyond their 20s because of a difficult financial situation. Many can’t afford to move out earlier unlike those in other developed countries.

Another reason is that high population of Hong Kong which leads people to get cramped in small apartments. This then results in a lack of privacy particularly among couples who may need to have sex.

These issues were revealed in the fifth Hong Kong Sex Cultural Festival that took place in March. The goal was to promote more awareness on sex and encourage more liberal opinions in the country. The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Sex Education Association were behind the event.

According to the experts, findings of the Durex annual surveys also confirmed that Hong Kong residents are among the last on the list when it comes to sexual frequency. A 2011 survey of this popular condom brand also revealed a drop in sexual activity in China. Some 39 percent of those surveyed claimed they don’t have an active sex life.

Another aspect of the low birth rate in Hong Kong is the fact that there are more women there compared to men. Official reports last year showed there is less than one man for every 1.2 women aged 20 to 39.

Hong Kong currently has a population of 7.3 million with a birth rate of 11.7 per 1,000. Hopefully with this latest report, local residents will be more encouraged to have sex more often. As long as they find the right time and place and use the condom, they won’t have to worry about anything.


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