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History of Condoms and Their Makers

Condoms go back to the ancient times. History records say that the Egyptians were the first to use this protective and prophylactic tool during their time. While there’s no clear information on the use of condoms way back then, reports revealed that its use was first represented in a painting found in the French cave called Grotte des Combarrelles which was done around 12,000 to 15,000 years ago.

Before the 15th century, there was evidence of using the glans condoms in the Asian region. This type of protection was worn only in the head of the penis and was used primarily as a birth control.

In China, the glans condom was made of oiled silk paper or lamb intestines. In Japan, however, the protective tool was made of animal horn or tortoise shell.

The very first condom, according to historical data, was made of chemically treated linen and animal tissue taken from the intestine or bladder. The pure rubber condoms came only to being in the 19th century and gained popularity in the middle of that century.

During the Renaissance period, animal intestines and bladder were used in making condoms. They were cleaned before using them for glove making as well. The use of the bladder, on the other hand, was recorded in the 1640s in an English privy. This type of condom then was believed to be used by the soldiers of King Charles I.

From using intestines and bladder, the Dutch traders then introduced in Japan a new kind of condom this time made from fine leather. This was different from the glans type because it covered the penis from the base to the tip.

By 1855, the first rubber condom was produced. This was after the Charles Goodyear invented the process of rubber vulcanization in 1839.

Today, there are four popular condom brands that many people use. These are the Trojan, Crown, Durex and Lifestyles.

Trojan was first created by a young entrepreneur named Merle Leland Youngs from New York. The 33-year-old Youngs thought of making condoms believing that it will be a big hit in the U.S. market. True enough, many pharmacies preferred to stock Trojans over the other brands by 1975.

The Crown brand is made by the Japanese company Okamoto. The company established its latex factory in 1934 and started creating condoms in the same year. It continues to do research up to this day to ensure that their products are of top quality and durable. Durex was founded in 1915 but it was trademarked in 1929. It was initially produced by SSL International but was the company was bought by Reckitt Benckiser in 2010. Durex has 17 factories worldwide and manufactures some one billion condoms per year. Lifestyles condoms are products of Ansell Limited. The company was the first to create a division known as Ansell Sexual Health that meets the needs of the public health community in 1979.

Condoms remain to be an important part of a teenager’s and adult’s life. In these days when the rate STD transmission and unwanted pregnancy continues to be a major concern in society, it’s best to protect oneself.


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