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Extraordinary Condom Use

While the condom is made solely for preventing conception and the spread of sexually transmitted infectious diseases, some people just couldn’t help but use it in other activities or test its strength in very unusual ways. For as long as they don’t meet their death using these condoms, we think it’s absolutely okay. At least, they provide some interesting stories to entertain us. So, read on as we share with you some out of the ordinary acts by several people using their beloved condoms.

First up, a bungee jumper by the name of Carl Dionisio used a rope made from condoms in doing his stunt. Fortunately, the condoms did not fail him as they did not snap or split during his plunge. This 37-year-old veteran jumper said he made the 30-meter rope to what he termed “recreate the virgin buzz” of his very first bungee jump.

Carl wasn’t that confident though before his jump as he was actually panicky for fear that the condom rope might not be able to support him well. This man born in Portugal did his stunt in his adopted home city of Durban in South Africa. His latest jump took place 15 years after his very first bungee experience. He and his friend Michael Xaba used 18,500 condoms in making the ropes for about four months. The rope making took that long as Carl said the condoms were slippery.

Our next story pertains to condom fashion courtesy of the Chinese. Did you know that in December of 2007, Chinese nurses in Beijing paraded their dresses made of condoms? You heard it right. The nurses wore those condom dresses to actually promote safe sex during a promotion by the public health ministry in time for the commemoration of World Aids Day.

During the event, the two nurses also distributed booklets and of course, condoms to spectators. The two dresses used more than 5,000 condoms and the dressmaking took two weeks, according to the People’s Daily.

And related to condom attires, the Bakersfield Planned Parenthood office has launched a safe sex campaign that carries the slogan “No entry without proper attire.” This campaign is aimed at promoting and marketing male condoms to women this time. An official said women should also be responsible in carrying condoms to protect themselves from getting pregnant and contracting sexually transmitted diseases. As part of this project, the Planned Parenthood office is going to give out sell condoms in colorful packs in boutiques.

Finally, have you heard about condoms for cellphones? There is one now introduced by the Skins Mobile in 2007 with the aim of providing waterproof protection for your very important gadget. The condom is used by slipping it over the mobile phone and knotting it at the end for total protection. And with it, you can even swim in the pool with your phone and make a call.

This condom for mobile phones was invented by Rogier Van Camp while he was painting a swimming pool. As he had a hard time making and receiving calls with his dirty hands, he thought about the rubber as a great solution to his problem. The condom can be used on most cellphones including the flip and slide types. Signal and audio are not affected when they’re encased in the Skins Mobile protection.


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