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Condom Packaging Made More Attractive

When it comes to marketing products of any kind and size, those who can get more creative and aggressive in promoting their offerings often succeed. One area where people selling products can focus on is the packaging. Keep in mind that the more attractive the packaging, the more likely people will get interested in it and eventually buy it.

This is the same with condoms. Condom manufacturers have made efforts to create unique packaging as a way to attract customers. Some have come up with bizarre concepts to promote this popular contraceptive.

In Japan, condoms are sold in wrappers featuring anime characters. There’s the Mizuno Garden condom which shows the designs of Japanese manga artist Junko Mizuno. The pack comes with 10 condoms and a special trading card to give customers a little diversion just in case they’re still not in the mood to have sex.

The popular Okamoto is not to be outdone. This major Japanese condom manufacturer also caters to the big boys by offering its Super Big Boy. And the pack features the head of a horse.

There’s also the Love Cannon condom pack with the Gundam anime series characters featured on the box. This one comes with 12 pieces of the contraceptive. Sexually active people looking for a very unique flavor can find one also in Japan. The flavor? Chicken noodle soup or even a seal flavored condom. Other intriguing names for condom variants in this Southeast Asian country are Loves the Dick and Spank the Monkey.

Women who are fond of astrology can also get condoms based on their signs. They can surprise their men with condoms that bear their Zodiac signs. These are courtesy of Yamashita Latex. Each pack of these Astrology condoms contains 12 pieces. Still another attractive condom pack in Japan is the one that’s called Power, Black color rubber. The packaging shows a black panther and a naked woman.

Condoms are readily available in Japan even in vending machines. So if you’re one who does not want to let people know you’re buying a condom, then you can get one from a vending machine any time.

Also while you’re in this high-tech country, you may want to get some chocolates shaped like a condom. The candies are originally made in Taiwan but they’re distributed in Japan as well.

Another Asian country, Korea, has come up with an innovative idea. Korea Latex Company is marketing its condoms through a miniature juice container packaging. The box is eight centimeters tall and includes nutritional information as well as a special warning label that states 100 percent stimulation and excitement. Each box contains three condoms according to the flavor indicated outside. Flavors available are orange, strawberry, grape, lemon and melon.

The presence of these uniquely named and packed condoms only shows that Asians can be innovative in marketing personal products. The attractive packaging of this popular contraceptive that they’ve done is sure to encourage men and women to use it for their protection. It’s also proof that they’re committed to provide adults with readily available contraceptive to protect them from STDs and unwanted pregnancy.


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