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Condom News Around The World

Condoms continue to be widely used today in the different parts of the globe. It is a positive sign that teens and adults are aware of the consequences of not using the rubber. Health experts and organizations advocating for use of condoms have always pointed out that with consistent and correct use, this personal protection tool can prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.

We share here some interesting news from around the world on how the condoms are faring today.

Law on Safe Sex in Porn Films Questioned

The new law in Los Angeles, California requiring porn stars to wear condoms during filmmaking has been slammed by The Free Speech Coalition. The group stressed that the law is unconstitutional and that it falls under the state government instead of the local government. For its part, the U.S. adult movie industry pointed out that porn film showing actors using condoms do not gain many viewers.

The proposal for condom-use was voted during the last presidential elections and received 55.9 percent votes. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation was one of five groups that pushed the poll to be included.

Other than forcing actors to use condoms, the Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act also requires producers to apply for a permit in order to shoot sex scenes within LA County. Violators will be fined or charged in court for a criminal offense.

Durex Aggressively Marketing in the U.S.

Reckit Benckiser Group, the new owner of the Durex brand, is bent on getting a significant share of the condom market in the U.S. Trojan is currently the leader in the U.S. with a 69 percent share while Durex has only a 15 percent share of the market. The brand owned by Church & Dwight Company also has a huge advertising budget at $33.6 million based on Nielsen statistics.

Since June this year, the company has spent on ad campaigns and events to increase sales. It first showed its “Let’s Get it On” commercial on Facebook and other social media sites. The ad that featured the Durex Performax Intense was also aired on radio. A “Get In-Sync” marketing party was also hosted led by celebrity couples Ice-T and Coco.

Durex is famous in Europe and Reckitt Benckiser is determined to expand its market in the U.S. by increasing its marketing budget to $15 million this 2012. The company is targeting the 25-39 age group who are in relationships as well as selling sex toys such as the vibrating ring.

Social Media Can Help Increase Condom Use

A new study has found that social media has the potential of encouraging young adults to use condoms in an effort to prevent STDs. The research that covered more than 900 participants aged 18 to 24 promoted sexual health online through blogs, discussions, video links and quizzes on a daily basis.

After two months, the researchers found a significant increase in condom use compared to the previous two months. The findings showed 68 percent of Just/Us group reported using a condom and 56 percent of the News group using the condom the last time they had sex.

Health experts strongly believe that although it may be considered a novel approach to influencing sexual risk behavior, social media can be an effective intervention. Some even call it a step to the right direction. Some advantages pointed out are the direct access to an individual’s social network and in real time.

With these findings, the experts recommended that a multi-disciplinary team including marketers, social media specialists and software developers is necessary to tap into the potential of social media in convincing young adults to consistently use condoms.

New Condom Helps in Erection

Men having trouble with erection while putting on a condom won’t need the Viagra anymore. With just the Futura condom, they can already be assured of a strong and erect penis and they can get it without any prescription.

The Futura condom contains Zanifil gel at the tip that when it comes into contact with the penis can result in an erection. What it does is it promotes blood circulation by opening the blood vessels and relaxing the muscles in the vessel walls. This same drug is actually used in treating heart failure and chest pain.

Condom-Themed Restaurant Opens in U.K.

A Thai restaurant chain well known for its condom theme has just opened its first international branch in the U.K. Specifically, the branch is situated in Bicester, a town in Oxfordshire.

Cabbages and Condoms is the name and inside this dining place you will find lights, walls and artworks adorned with the rubber. Diners get free condoms after eating instead of the usual mints. What’s great about this is that all profits are used in sex education and Aids prevention programs in Thailand.

Britons Are Still Shy When It Comes to Condoms

Sex education charities have noted that many people in the U.K. are still shy to buy condoms in public. Additionally, they’re not very open in talking about sex.

A survey has shown that 54 percent of British men and 57 percent of women get embarrassed when buying condoms. Authorities say many people would rather have sex than discuss the issue.

This attitude is attributed to the British lifestyle in the olden days when it’s not proper to talk about sex with other people.


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