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Condom Sizing When buying shoes or shirts you always make sure that you buy one that fits you right. It shouldn't be any different with condoms. While condom sizing might sound ridiculous the size of the condom you use is very important. While you will only commit a fashion faux pas if you wear a shirt that's either too big or too small to look good on you wearing a condom that isn't the right size has more serious results.

It might be embarrassing to buy small sized condoms but if you don't you will end up: 1) looking even smaller in front of your partner since the condom will hang making it obvious that your penis is too small for it; or 2) sabotaging the entire function of a condom if the penis slips out of the condom during sex. Buying a condom that's smaller than your size also has consequences since it will be too tight for you lessening the enjoyment you might feel.

To make sure you buy the proper condom size it would be a good idea to shop around and buy different sizes and try them on for size. Sounds laughable? It does but let's see who'll be laughing if one of the scenarios above happen.

If you do not feel like having fun shopping around for condoms you can also find out your exact condom size by measuring your penis. To measure the length start from the top of the erection down to the point where it meets the pubic hair. To measure the girth measure the circumference at the middle and not the tip. Once you know the right size for you read the label on the condom before you buy one.

Condom Fatigue Condom fatigue is a medical term used to describe people who have grown tired of wearing condoms and do not wish to use them any longer. If you feel fed up with using a condom then you are suffering from condom fatigue. Condom fatigue is very real issue that plagues people in sexual relationships. The condition is not due to physical reasons but due to psychological ones. However, though the reasons for condom fatigue is understandable, knowing the risks involved in not using a condom it is very unwise to succumb to the fatigue and just quit practising safe sex. Realistically speaking though forcing someone who's experiencing condom fatigue can also have adverse effects in a relationship, which is why other measures must be taken to ensure safe sex. One of the things you can do is to abstain from sexual intercourse until the person who suffers from condom fatigue is ready to use a condom again. Another option is to engage in oral sex. A third option would be for the woman to use a female condom. And last, if faithful to a partner and the only reason for using a condom is to prevent pregnancy, is to use other birth control methods.


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