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2012 Olympic Athletes to Get Free Durex Condoms

Many people, athletes and non-athletes, are looking forward to the 2012 Summer Olympics to take place in London. This is the third time the city will be hosting the Olympic games making it a first for London. The first was in 1908 and the second was in 1948. For 2012, the games will be from July 27 until August 12 with some 23,000 athletes and officials expected to attend.

The main games will be held at the Olympic Park which spans 200 hectares. It is situated in the east of London specifically at Stratford.

For this year, a total of 4,700 medals will be produced by Royal Mint .The medal features the Greek goddess of victory, Nike, stepping from the Parthenon. But other than the medals, athletes taking part in this big international sports event will also receive free condoms from Reckitt Benckiser, the company that just bought the Durex brand. In addition to the condoms, the company will also provide information on safe sex targeted at athletes. Durex condoms will be made available at three locations where the athletes will be accommodated – at Stratford, at the sailing center in the south coast and at the rowing area in the western part of London.

Durex has always been at the helm of ensuring the protection of athletes participating in the Olympic games. This leading brand also supplied some 130,000 condoms to those who took part in the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece. In the 2008 Beijing games, some 80,000 rubber were also given out while in the 2000 Sydney games, an additional 20,000 more condoms were ordered after supply ran low.

Being athletes who are in tip top shape, it’s natural to have a high sex drive. And even though they may be in another place and competing, these sports enthusiasts need some energy boost as well. The singles and even the married ones might still want to get intimate with their partners who would surely come along with them. The others who don’t have a steady partner might meet a desirable woman while in London and you know what could happen next.

It is for this reason that having a condom handy would surely help in protecting athletes from sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. Being in London to pursue their passion for the sport and winning should be worry-free and using a condom can really be a big help.

To those who may not be aware yet, the manufacturer of Durex condoms SSL International had been bought by Reckitt Benckiser back in July 2010. SSL was acquired for a price of 2.5 billion sterling pounds. It should be noted, however, that the new owner of the brand is not a major sponsor of the London games.

Durex is one of the leading condom brands in the U.S. coming close to Trojan. The London Rubber Company was responsible for producing the first Durex condoms in 1915. SSL International later acquired the company and continued making more improved condoms in different sizes, shapes, texture and scents.


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