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Abortions and Its Negative Effects

Abortions and Its Negative Effects

It’s a fact that abortion occurs in many parts of the world involving more than 1.5 million women every year. This practice also continues to be a subject of debate among pro-life advocates. Most of the time, abortion occurs secretly with female patients hiding their identity because of the stigma attached to it.

For the many people who value life, abortion is definitely a no-no. There are several important reasons as to why they believe this practice should not be made as a choice. For one thing, abortion is tantamount to ending the life of a growing human being. Another vital thing is its adverse effects on the physical and psychological wellbeing of a woman who undergoes this procedure.

Despite the advances in medical technology, many experts believe that abortion is still a dangerous practice. The fact that a woman’s reproductive health and a growing fetus are involved makes it all the more unsafe. And the side effects should be enough reason why the procedure should not be pursued if possible.

Physical effects

In the U.S., statistics across the country there found that 10 percent of women who had abortion suffer from complications and 20 percent of those were major complications.

A woman who undergoes abortion will most likely suffer from several complications which can either be minor or major. The minor complications include bleeding, fevers, gastro-intestinal problems, chronic stomach pain, vomiting and Rh sensitization.

Of the major complications, the most common identified are severe bleeding, infection of the placenta, uterus or cervix, embolism, complications from anesthesia, endotoxic shock, convulsions, lower fertility, laceration of the cervix, uncontrolled clotting of the blood and even breast cancer. Seizures, coma and even death can happen.

Although the immediate complications may be treated, it is not safe to say that they will no longer recur. The fact is, these complications most often lead to long-term or permanent damage to the reproductive system of a woman which could end up as a more serious health problem.

Psychological effects

Being an illegal procedure in the eyes of most people, there’s always a stigma attached to the practice of abortion. This stigma could even have a permanent effect on a woman’s psychological wellbeing if she has no support system. Although it’s true that many women who have undergone abortion felt initial relief after the procedure, that feeling may only be temporary.

Some of the common psychological effects identified by psychiatrists are nightmares, guilt feeling, perceived visitations with their unborn child. Psychiatrists also point to “emotional paralysis or numbness” as a negative effect of abortion that follows a woman’s initial feeling of relief. This means that there’s the absence of knowing one’s emotions after the procedure.

Studies have also confirmed negative reactions of anxiety disorders, feelings of regret, sleeping problems, sexual dysfunctions such as not getting pleasure from intercourse, pain and aversion to sex or males, depression, withdrawal, obsession to get pregnant again and denial of what happened.

Abortion normally takes place because a woman is unprepared for pregnancy and eventually, motherhood. But this could be prevented if only women take extra precautions in their sexual relationships and take extra care of their reproductive health. There are various contraceptives now available to prevent pregnancy and of course, the most effective has always been the condom.


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