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The Different Types Of Swingers

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Swinging and the swingers lifestyle Although many seem to think of swinging as just two couples having sex with each other this is just one flavor of swinging. Swinging is fueled by more than a sexual desire to have intercourse with others. It involves fantasy, experimentation, living out desires and fulfilling the fantasies of others.

There Are Different Kinds Of Swingers

All swingers are not the same. Some men like to see their wives with other men. Some women like to see their husbands pleasure other women. Some men like to have two women while other women like to have two men. It all depends on the people, their fantasies and what they are willing to do. The one thing common to all swinging is that it brings different groups of people together to have sex.

Female Female Male

The all time favorite swinging group has to be the FFM. Usually it's a husband who has convinced his wife to bring a friend from the office home for a night of sex. Other times it can be a spontaneous event after a strong night of drinking. In either event it is a couple allowing another woman to share their bed. When the FFM does not include a couple it is referred to as group sex and not swinging.

Male Male Female

Although not as popular as the FFM the MMF still holds a strong second place. In most situations the MMF happens after a night of drinking when a bawdy husband teases his wife into playing strip poker or doing a dirty dance for her husband's best friend. One thing leads to another and the next thing you know, the wife is being shared by two men. Other times the wife expresses a desire for one of her husbands men and he arranges a meeting out of love for his wife. In other instances the husband gets turned on watching his wife with another man and watches or takes pictures as his wife has sex in front of him.

Couple On Couple

This is the most traditional grouping of people when it comes to swinging. Two couples meet and enjoy sex with each other. Anything can happen in the couple swing. Any combination of people, any position or pairing. Each partner gets to experience exactly what they want as there are enough people to satisfy all involved. This type of swinging is for the like minded where there is pleasure for all.

The Orgy

Not for everyone, the orgy offers the wildest sexual experience for swingers. The orgy is a gathering of many people, not two or three but at least 7 people of the male and female persuasion. Orgies shift and at times one might find several people all pleasuring one person. The orgy is fluid and can go on for hours depending on the sexual appetite of the room.

Always Wear A Condom

As always, the King recommends the use of condoms during any type of swinging activity. The risk of infection multiplies greatly as you increase the partners so make sure to keep swinging and wear condoms whenever you find yourself in the position.

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