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Online swinging websites As you would image, there are websites out there just for swingers. Swinging is not only growing in popularity at night clubs, it's growing twice as fast on the Internet. Each year hundreds of new websites are launched aimed at swinging and the swingers lifestyle. These websites simplify the process of finding local people to meet with for casual sexual encounters. Simply set up a profile and wait for people to contact you or search for locals to contact yourself. It's like advertising for people you want to meet, all you have to do is get started.

How Do I Find A Website For Swingers?

Just as you would search for any other service online, simply enter "swingers" into the search box.. Search for a website with local swingers by adding your county or city to the search term. This will allow you to meet people without all the traveling. If for some reason there is no website locally, then use a national site and be prepared to travel a little at first until you have a network developed. The more people you meet the larger the network becomes. Once you have a website picked out the next step is to create an online profile.

Setting Up Your First Swinger Profile

Setting up an online profile is all about being as honest as possible. There is nothing worse than talking with a couple for weeks and finally meeting only to discover he used his picture from college and she used a glamour shot from 10 years ago. It's happened to online daters and it happens in the swinging community as well. It's an instant turn off and generally results in no contacts after the meeting. Below are a few tips on setting up an effective profile.

  • State your sexual preferences clearly - If you like anal sex then say so. Finding people into what you like is what it's all about. You are not the only ones who like anal so don't be shy about stating it or any other likes or dislikes in your profile.
  • Use a picture but make sure it's recent - Not using a picture is bad and usually results in a low number of contacts. If you use a picture please use pictures that clearly represent the current you. If you're a little overweight, or have some gray hair let it show in the pictures. There are plenty of people looking to meet folks just like you so don't hide the truth with an old picture.
  • Personal Information - Never place any personally identifiable information in your profile like phone numbers, email addresses or where you work. Most websites won't allow it but some do and it opens up the door to a whole bunch of potential craziness, not to mention danger.
  • Personalizing Your Page - Most websites allow you to personalize your page within their site. If this option is made available to you do not over do it with the colors. Too many colors make a page hard to read and colors that don't contrast are nearly impossible to read. If you really want to personalize the page then use colors that are easy to see and have a friend preview it before you post online.
  • Make Your Profile Sexy - Don't just recite the facts. Dress up your personal with as much sexy information as possible. If there is a box to provide your perfect fantasy, it's better to enter something short and sexy than nothing at all.

Where Should We Get Together To Swing?

The first meeting with any new swingers should always be in a public place. Whether you're inviting a man, woman or couple to join you for sex, the initial meeting should always be done in public. A public setting provides a simple way to leave should the situation become uncomfortable.

As mentioned above, some people use old pictures in their profiles. Upon meeting someone that has done this it is much easier to excuse yourself from a bar and walk away then it would be in your home, their home, or a hotel room. Try to avoid any type of dinner or activity where it is hard to walk away if the vibe turns bad.

Nightclubs, local bars, and cafe's all make excellent first meeting spots and can make exiting an uncomfortable situation much easier in the long run.

After The Swinging Is Done

The sex is over, it was great, but now it's time to go home. We've all been to a party that's gone on too long. Once the thrill is over there's no need to hang around all night. Most swingers understand that there's no hugging and cuddling once the night's over unless that's what you've all agreed upon previously.

Making a little small talk is always polite but unless there was some great chemistry between all parties, when the time to leave arrives all will know. Making a simple statement like "no promises" before the event will make departing at the end of the night easier.

Most of the time if you've chatted for a while or exchanged some emails prior to the event there is more of a chance there will be some chemistry to keep you around for a while after the party is over.

Statement From The Condom King

While the King neither encourages or discourages swinging or the swingers lifestyle he does suggest that all those who swing, whether they have know each other for years or hours should always wear a condom to protect themselves from disease. If you need more information about wearing a condom please read through our site.

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