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How Animals Mate

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Animals mating without protectionAnimals mate and reproduce offsprings in different ways but just like humans, mating is a normal and vital part of their life. Mating ensures that each of their own species multiplies to repeat the life cycle and therefore, ensure their continued existence on the planet earth. An important thing to note is that only animals belonging to the same species can mate with one another and produce offspring.

Mammals normally mate through their reproductive organs with the males pursuing the females most of the time. But this is not always the case for insects. In fact, some of these small creatures have strange mating habits with a number of them even playing bisexual roles.

Strang Mating Behaviors

Male bedbugs, for instance, copulate by piercing a hole through the back of females using their penis’ spike. Upon ejaculation, his sperm goes into the blood of the female before reaching the ovaries.

Meanwhile, there are insects such as the beetle mites that only deposit their sperms on the ground unmindful of the presence of females during the act. Females present would eventually just get some of these sperm and put them in their reproductive organ.

The scorpion does a similar act but first gets a female before ejaculating his sperm on the ground. And the difference here is that the stronger male really makes sure that the female’s reproductive organ gets in contact with his sperm by pulling her forward. Following this tactic is the blind garden centipede. The female, however, does an unusual act by putting the sperms taken from the ground into her mouth and stores them in pouch inside its cheek.

As for the bigger animals, the cobras engage in a violent act in order to copulate. The female usually struggles as the male cobra tries to come in contact with her and when all is set, their heads and necks are in a raised position. After that the two strike each other for an hour or so. And did you know that mating can either be as short as two minutes or may take longer for one entire day?

Those that engage in a balancing act include the penguins and turtles. Emperor penguins mate only once each year and for a very short two to three minutes only. The male mounts on the female while her face is down on the ice. Of course, perfect balance won’t always be achieved so the male falls every now and then but recovers quickly.

The turtles also perform a little gymnastics as most mount the females when mating. To balance themselves and achieve copulation, the males bite the back of females. The courtship, though, takes a slow and sweet pace. The two turtles would nod their heads in different ways while facing each other for several hours and then the male would suck on each of the female’s feet.

The most active in sexual intercourse are probably the chimpanzees. They often engage in mutual masturbation in front of their young. The female chimps are said to have a high sex drive that they can mate for, believe it or not, more than 20 times in a single day.

The female beavers are also active because they usually initiate the intercourse. She will discharge a yellowish oily substance once she has found the right male. The female also has an unusual scent to arouse the male during the mating period. And where do they do it? Right in the water.

So overall, whatever ways they mate or whether they’re monogamous or polygamous, animals play a vital role in keeping nature alive. Without them, the life of humans wouldn’t be complete and exciting.

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