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Men Should Hear Women On Condom Uses

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Women talking about condom useThe use of condoms has long been considered an effective way of blocking conception and preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases or STDs. But although it’s originally meant for use by men, women are the ones who often bear the responsibility of making sure that their sexual encounters with men is safe. The reason for this is that there are just men who sometimes neglect their responsibility in using the rubber.

However, there is always a way to convince men to use condoms in an effort to make the sexual experience more intimate and pleasant. When a man and a woman are in a relationship, the need to use contraceptives is crucial. Both should learn about its benefits and possible effects when not used in a sexual encounter.

The condom is, of course, the most commonly used contraceptive for men. It is not only readily available but it’s also cheap compared to the female contraceptives and very easy to use. There are now even thinner condoms available in the market for men notably the latex types with various scents to boot. The issue lies in how to ask your male partner to wear condoms because some men may not just be very sensitive enough about women’s rights and feelings.

Women then should be open about condom use with their partners. A little reminder won’t hurt his ego. Be gentle when explaining that a condom is very reliable and cheap compared to female contraceptives that sometimes have adverse side effects on women. You could even tell your man that you’ll be the one to put the rubber on to make your experience more intimate. If your man loves you, he will not refuse your request. After all, you both want to enjoy your sexual relationship, right?

An open communication is the key to making any relationship work. If you talk about condom use with your partner and ask his opinions about that, then you’re on the right track. It’s true that some men complain about having less sensation when using condoms, but again, there are numerous types now available that you can choose that may work well for your sexual relationship.

Letting your man wear a condom shows your respect for yourself and for your partner as well. It sure is a huge responsibility to be the one to initiate condom use every time you have sex but when you’re not ready to have a family and want to protect yourself from STDs, then you’re making the right decision and your man should respect you for your reasons.

Men should be made aware that women experience a lot of pain not only during sex but during pregnancy as well as after bearing a child. And the responsibility continues in feeding and raising the child. Naturally, it would be more painful for women if they contract an STD which could lead to more serious health problems.

For women who wish to learn more about safe sex, there are counseling sessions that you can attend. You can also invite your partner if he’s open to the idea. This will ensure that both of you gain the necessary insights about the rights of women to use female condoms.

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