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Durex Condoms

The Durex Condom offers lubricated condoms for more pleasure

The modest beginning's the Durex Condom can be traced back to around 1910. Out of a small room behind a tobacco store LA Jackson founded the Jackson Rubber Company. Specializing in barber products and protectives imported from Germany. In 1929 the Durex trademark was registered. A combination of the words Durability, reliability, and excellence this trademarked name accounts for 26% of the nearly 4 billion dollar condom market.

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Durex CondomsAs the war grew condom supplies from Germany were cut off. Durex stepped up it's production to supply the soldiers with these life saving condoms. As production increased so did innovation and soon Durex was leading the way to a condom revolution.

The Durex brand is a pioneer in the condom world. Since 1951 with the development of the first fully automated condom dipping facility, they have been credited with the first lubricated condom, anatomically shaped condoms, and more recently the non-latex condom for those with a latex allergy. Working with many of the leading healthcare and government organizations Durex is recognized internationally as a top not provider of reliability, quality, and safety when it comes to condoms.

The Durex website currently provides information to the youth of the world in their native language. Additionally it provides a forum for healthcare professionals to exchange ideas and keep current on the world perspective of condoms. Durex has now diversified into the manufacture of massagers and lubricants. They offer many tips and advice for those looking to spice up their sex lives or use their products in a more effective manner.

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