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Discount Condom King just launced its brand new website. After many years of excellent service it was time to retire the old look and bring in the new. We've added new content, products, and a new navigation system that's easy to use and provides our users with an easier way to browse the site while purchasing their condoms.

Although our look and feel has changed we want you to rest assured our customer service and 100% quality condoms have not. We're striving to meet your expectations and deliver high quality products to our customers.

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    Learn about the origin of the condom, how it got it's name, and it's progression over time.

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    Condoms find themselves in many newsworthy situations and events. We've complied a whole section to the condom and its uses.

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  • Purchasing a condom is only half the battle. Knowing how to use a condom is what makes you safe. We have compiled some facts you'll want to know regarding condom use.

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